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Vitality Code LIVE! Sharon Shores – Release Decades of Trapped Emotions & Pain with this Simple Technique

This week’s Vitality Code LIVE! is with Sharon Shores who will be sharing the magical healing process of the Emotion Code. The trapped emotions

Vitality Code LIVE! Gail Haun – The {Real} Source of All Healing

Are you sick, tired, no energy? Then it’s essentially that you are cutting yourself off from the energy that is all the Universe. Like a drop of

Vitality Code LIVE! Dr. Bill Bergman, The {Real} Cause of All Chronic Disease

It’s only appropriate that I launch The Vitality Code LIVE! interview series with the good doctor who got me started on this path to share the

Announcing the Vitality Code LIVE! 7 Minute Interviews with Natural Health Experts

It seems today that no one has time.  Time to take care of themselves. Time to learn about the simple tenets of health and how to take care of their

What’s Bubbling Up for You?

It’s exciting. Something is bubbling up, lying in wait to be expressed and it’s not to be sidelined any longer.  The entities that are the wind

Does Paying for Traditional Health Insurance Make no Sense to You?

If you’re like me, I’m lucky enough to never have to go to the doctor.  And if I do have something troubling me, I’ll go an

8 Measures of an Attuned Body

It’s time to find out what you’re made of. I love my new monitor — the FitScan — to give you a true indicator of your inner

Free Movie Tix for You –> Emotion

Ask your body this… true or false? 90% of what is ailing us and zapping our energy is a result of EMOTIONS. Well, science is now showing this to be

The Vitality Code to Host three FREE Movie Viewings of “In Defense of Food”

Poor food. At one point in time or another nearly every food on the face of the planet has been judged as “bad” for you. All the diet

What is Wellness?

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” ~ The World Health

Right Relationship For You?

I am thrilled to welcome world facilitator and executive creator of Right Relationship for You — Ms. Susan Lazar Hart — to Denver January