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Your Soon-to-Be Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s here!  This year’s  “Eat Well For the Holidays” Recipe Collection is the best ever!  This is the heart of my mission with the

Is Glyphosate the Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight?

Press Release: Break-through Product Shows Dramatic Results in Pre-Clinical Trial — 74% Reduction of Glyphosate and 75% Reduction in C-Reactive

What to Look For When You Want the Highest Quality CBD Cannabinoid Oil

It seems CBD is all the buzz right now with people professing its effectiveness in relief of pain and arthritis, anxiety, depression, PTSD, cancers

Are Protein Powders Good for Your Health or Setting You Back?

I often recommend that my clients beware the latest pop-talk about health. There seems to always be a vitamin of the year or some type of deficiency

What is Muscle Testing and How does Testing by Proxy Work?

I just did an Emotion Code session as I do most of my sessions — virtually over Zoom. The woman found it uncanny that working remotely using

What if Your Higher Self Lived in Your Body?

There is a place in you that contains within it the most sacred, profound energies of your soul. It’s the space where the part of you that is

Are Emotions the Precursor to All Stress, Dis-Ease & Pain

Science is now showing how emotions affect the physiology of the human body and also hold in place the thoughts and beliefs that drive our actions. 

Vitality Code LIVE! Sharon Shores – Release Decades of Trapped Emotions & Pain with this Simple Technique

This week’s Vitality Code LIVE! is with Sharon Shores who will be sharing the magical healing process of the Emotion Code. The trapped emotions

Vitality Code LIVE! Gail Haun – The {Real} Source of All Healing

Are you sick, tired, no energy? Then it’s essentially that you are cutting yourself off from the energy that is all the Universe. Like a drop of

Vitality Code LIVE! Dr. Bill Bergman, The {Real} Cause of All Chronic Disease

It’s only appropriate that I launch The Vitality Code LIVE! interview series with the good doctor who got me started on this path to share the

Announcing the Vitality Code LIVE! 7 Minute Interviews with Natural Health Experts

It seems today that no one has time.  Time to take care of themselves. Time to learn about the simple tenets of health and how to take care of their

What’s Bubbling Up for You?

It’s exciting. Something is bubbling up, lying in wait to be expressed and it’s not to be sidelined any longer.  The entities that are the wind