Kathy basel presents an exclusive online event

limitless: women rising

Monday July 20 - Friday July 24, 2020

5 days, 5 dynamic speakers inspiring you to find more..


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Do you ever have the sense that while it appears everything around the world is falling apart that there just might be some underlying sense of divine perfection in all of this?  Do you have a desire to make a difference and yet feel overwhelmed with all the change that needs to be done and what it is that one person can do to make a difference?

Join us for a cosmic conversation with Jan Finley — an channel, healer and visionary to what lies ahead for us as we make our way for a “New World”, ascending from this 3D dimension of time + space and into a world of 5D possibility.  You are the change the world requires and Jan will share her wisdom on how you BE*come it, your limitless self.

Cynthia james
women, it's our time!!


This is a true conversation from the heart with Cynthia James inviting women to commit to yourself. Commit to the dream that wants to be realized as you. Commit to moving forward even when you are unclear and frightened. Commit because you have a message that no one else can deliver in the way that you can.

We covered a lot of territory on this talk, including:

  • How to find the faith to take that first step when the finances are far from flowing
  • The bigger invitation for what’s happening in the world divided around issues of racism and inequality
  • How to become clear to find the love life you desire and deserve
  • The empowering questions that light the way when nothing seems apparent

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Divine Feminine Womb Healing
with Ho’ opono pono


As the divine feminine energy is calling to us to rise up, we as women may be lost, having adapted to a highly masculine way of being in the world. You may be asking:

·       How can I find my femininity again… and open to receive?
·       Why do I so often feel unseen, unheard or just unworthy?
·       How do I open my heart to love fully again after trauma or loss?
·       How can I trust that soft feminine side of me, and yet step into being that strong, powerful presence

Sandra is that invitation to heal our womb where we may have hidden resentment, blame or judgment. When we free ourselves of that, we can move forward free and creative in our lives.  She’ll walk us through a beautiful
Ho’ oponopono practice, the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness, so we can  forgive ourselves and others to whom we are connected, and activate our dormant Love and Light frequencies to create the life and relationships we truly desire. 



> Do you take on other people’s stuff? Feeling worse after interacting with them (even if they feel better)?

> Do you ever feel that your life and choices aren’t your own?

> Have a hard time being in large crowds?

You are probably an empath, constantly aware of what’s going on for others, sometimes even more than what is true for you. Being so connected to others wants, needs and emotions can often make you susceptible to people pleasing, leaving you depleted and dissatisfied with your life.

What if you can change that?  Join the dynamic Kathy + Kathy conversation to find out how!

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Michelle wilson
healing your relationship with money & expanding your ability to receive!

Have you considered the idea that you have a relationship with money?  Can you see any similarities in your life with how you relate to money and how you relate to food, or your body, or your overall ability to receive? 

 Have you struggled with not feeling worthy or “good enough” to truly receive your true heart’s desires? 

Join us for a fascinating discussion with licensed counselor and mind/body/soul energy healer, Michelle Wilson as she shares why it is critical for us to move toward empowerment (not perfection!) in all these areas in order for us to find more peace and joy and be able to make a bigger difference in the world!

 Michelle went from being an eating disorders expert to empowering women around their money and worthiness and she will share powerful tools you can start using today!

about your host

Kathy Basel

Kathy is a transformational life coach and creator of The Vitality Code. Her work is consistently called “powerful work” as she leads women to master their energy and a way of BE-ing that activates their dream life now. Through individual coaching and group programs like her signature program            “La Femme Salon: 10 Weeks to Find Your Freedom, Fire & Fulfillment” she offers an innovative mind-body & soulful approach, releasing emotional blocks and limited thinking that often holds us back from living limitlessly.

One of her greatest joys is to empower women to create beyond what they ever thought possible, to experience more joy, ease, love, vitality, connection, fulfillment and abundance in every regard in life. Kathy embodies vitality and living agelessly, with an active Colorado lifestyle biking, hiking, camping, skiing and loving on her amazing wonder-dog Kiefer.

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