I’m Kathy

My mom used to say I live a “charmed” life. I agree!

Kathy Basel | Transformational Coach + Energy Healer

Hi, I’m Kathy.  I am a transformational life coach, energy healer and creator of The Vitality Code.  My greatest joy is seeing the women I work with come alive with self-love, releasing the old paradigms of what’s possible, attuning to their own inner knowing + self-trust, and brimming with JOY and gratitude that the big dream they’ve created for themselves is happening NOW!


I believe change can happen at the speed of awareness.

Truly the only blocks keeping us from living the life we dream of are those we’ve created ourselves.  The meanings and habits we created may have been a good idea at the time, but it’s time to move on!  Get clear on where you want to take this one wild and precious life of yours — and release those emotional blocks that kept us tethered to the past.


Joy, creativity, self-love, freedom, empowerment, happy body, passion, meaning.


I want it all for you, soul sister friend!


We’ll draw upon my unique blend of techniques + processes as a holistic wellness coach, Tony Robbins life coaching skills, Access Consciousness + Emotion Code energy work, and any of a number of my techniques to unleash your limitless potential –  mind-body practices, the law of attraction (I’m a huge Abraham Hicks fan!), positive psychology, neuroscience, EFT tapping, NLP, quantum science, mindfulness, divine feminine leadership, spiritual principles and intuitive guidance.


My goal always is to bring you the transformation in a way that is quicker than you ever thought possible.  And to love and acknowledge you every step of the way to becoming the woman you’ve always known you could be.  It’s your time, girl.  Let’s get this party started!

About Me

I am blessed to live on the west side of Denver with my little buddy, Kiefer, a 7 year old vizsla and constant companion for everything fun — mountain biking, hiking, running, and cross country skiing. I participate in weekly Access Consciousness trades to keep me balanced and open to creating new possibilities, always. I hope you’ll join me on this wonderful journey toward Oneness, Ease and Joy!


My inspiration for doing what I do

Even a tragic ending can become an inspired new beginning to something truly wonderful

I dove into my mission with the Vitality Code seven years ago, after caretaking for my mom after her stroke and trying to navigate our broken healthcare system. It felt like a full-time job taking her from specialist to specialist… each of them looking at their own part of the body and prescribing her increasingly harsher anti-biotics and drugs.  Inside I knew it wasn’t her body that was breaking down.  It was her soul that was dying… and eventually it did.

I was heartbroken and driven to find how it is we CREATE enduring health, vitality and a truly meaningful life.  That’s the fuel behind all I do.

Miscellaneous Tidbits About Me

Favorite Saying: It’s better to burn out than to fade away.  – Neil Young

Favorite Food: uh, chocolate.   A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine!

Something I couldn’t live without:  Youtube and a constant influx of inspirational podcasts

Unusual factoids: I still have my original PADI scuba diving card from when I was 16, I was the first woman to play in the pro-am at the Bay Hill Golf Tournament (much to Arnold Palmer’s dismay), I used to mentor for the Leukemia Society’s Team-in-Training triathlon prep/fundraiser

What brings me most alive:  Mountain biking with a posse of good friends, discovering new trails in some beautiful outback corner of Colorado

Biggest inspirations: Abraham Hicks, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Joe Dispenza, Dr. Mercola, Oprah, Mile Hi Church

Take the First Step Toward Your Big, Bold, Beautiful Life!

I’m all about getting you accelerated progress toward living fully into this one wild and precious life of yours.  We can begin today releasing the BS things that no longer serve you + get you on your way to feeling truly happy, free and alive! {YAHOO!}