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13 Questions to Ask To Have the Best Midlife Ever {Menopause as a Rite of Passage}

I never knew World Menopause Day is a thing, but I was delighted to learn of it just today, October 18th — and it’s intention to shatter

Seize the Super Blue Moon: 7 Spiritual Aspects & Powerful Affirmations 💫

Here’s a quick factoid for ya —  There won’t be another blue supermoon until 2037! The full moon tonight/tomorrow is both a super

Good news, beautiful human! We are bathing in powerful cosmic energy RIGHT NOW. You see, every year around the eighth month, and the eight day

Top 50 Trailblazing Ladies to Celebrate For International Women’s Day {according to ChapGPT}

International Women’s Day is coming up Wed. March 8. Who are some of the trailblazing women who come to mind who inspire you most? Some of my

{Quick Video} Tapping into More Love For YOU

Doesn’t that bring a sense of lightness just reading it, ? “Loving myself works miracles in my life.” Would you like to call in

Are You Bold Enough to Say YES! to Your Vision

And just like that, January is over! Have you been progressing confidently in the direction of your visions and dreams?  Or is there that part of

The Tale of Two Wolves

I often coach people to know that it is our point of view or perception of the world through which we create the experience of our world. If your

My Best Healthy Holiday Recipe RoundUp Ever-All Gusto, No Guilt!

Welcome to the holiday season! I love rounding up these holiday recipes each year as my gift of thanks for YOU being in my world.  You truly make

There Comes a Time in the Life of a Woman

Not sure if I would call this a poem or perhaps a manifesto, but it was an inspiration that came on strong the other day — to articulate what

Target 100 Weight Loss Accountability – SUPER-Powered by Healy

Welcome to the Target 100 Book Club SUPER-powered by the Healy. HELLO & HOW THIS CAME ABOUT: Hi, Kathy Basel here! I’m a holistic wellness

Wanna Get Lucky? (4.5 Secrets)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Kathy! Luck of the Irish to You! It’s a funny saying that… And it got me thinking about how lucky I consider myself

33 Empowering Quotes for International Women’s Day to Inspire + Uplift YOU!

Happy International Women’s Day! We stand upon the shoulders of giants! There are so many women I’m grateful for each March (well, every month