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The Tale of Two Wolves

I often coach people to know that it is our point of view or perception of the world through which we create the experience of our world. If your

My Best Healthy Holiday Recipe RoundUp Ever-All Gusto, No Guilt!

Welcome to the holiday season! I love rounding up these holiday recipes each year as my gift of thanks for YOU being in my world.  You truly make

There Comes a Time in the Life of a Woman

Not sure if I would call this a poem or perhaps a manifesto, but it was an inspiration that came on strong the other day — to articulate what

Target 100 Weight Loss Accountability – SUPER-Powered by Healy

Welcome to the Target 100 Book Club SUPER-powered by the Healy. HELLO & HOW THIS CAME ABOUT: Hi, Kathy Basel here! I’m a holistic wellness

Wanna Get Lucky? (4.5 Secrets)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Kathy! Luck of the Irish to You! It’s a funny saying that… And it got me thinking about how lucky I consider myself

33 Empowering Quotes for International Women’s Day to Inspire + Uplift YOU!

Happy International Women’s Day! We stand upon the shoulders of giants! There are so many women I’m grateful for each March (well, every month

14 Journal Prompts to Close Out 2020 with Clarity & Inspiration for the New Year

If you are looking for some year-end inspiration as we turn our focus from completion of this most unusual year and take those wisdom lessons learned

Being You: Changing The World with Access Consciousness

I’m all about FAST transformation and that’s why Access Consciousness is absolutely one of my favoritest of all energy modalities! Access

Journey from Financial Flatline to Financial Flow?

Tuesday, April 28. Kiefer and I are in the park for our walks to commune with nature pretty much every day at 6:30 or 7 am. As I have for the past

My 30-Day Journey from Financial Flatline to Financial Flow

Day 1: Monday, April 27. I’ve always played financially safe. It was my dad‘s well-intended advice to me as a kid. “Go be an accountant because

Keep Calm & Avert the CoronaVirus: 31 Natural Tips To Stay Healthy

Everywhere we turn, we hear alarming news about the spread of the coronavirus. As a mind-body/holistic health coach and Emotion Code practitioner, I

The 2020 List of Letting Go

Welcome 2020, a new year and the launch of a new decade. We are in a time of quickening and how lucky we are to live now when we are able to manifest

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