I’m Kathy

My mom used to say I live a “charmed” life. I agree!

Kathy Basel |
holistic wellness coach + energetic body facilitator

Kathy enjoys sharing her philosophy and the paradigm of wellness with others – that the basics of nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and connectedness with Oneness bring about a Wholeness and a true sense of happiness we were all created to enjoy.

Applying lessons learned from her days as a triathlon training coach, she teaches “garbage in, garbage out.” The body has amazing capacity to perform when fueled properly. If we aren’t experiencing the health or personal performance we desire, we simply need to find a better way to fuel our energy needs: a balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual inputs.

Kathy’s found that lasting change can happen easily when we ask better questions – what fills a client’s spirit with joy and ease and freedom? When you “coach to the juice”, proper lifestyle behaviors are called forth from within the individual so external motivation – such as adhering to a diet or to an work-out plan – is no longer required. Her goal is to help clients succeed in achieving long-time optimal health — and also attain greater sense of ease, joy and personal expression as well.

Kathy implements experiential learning programs, coaching, and personal transformation engagements that yield measurable impact and lasting change. Her team continuously innovates and expands The Vitality Code core offering.

About Me

I am blessed to live on the west side of Denver with my little buddy, Kiefer, a 7 year old vizsla and constant companion for everything fun — mountain biking, hiking, running, and cross country skiing. I participate in weekly Access Consciousness trades to keep me balanced and open to creating new possibilities, always. I hope you’ll join me on this wonderful journey toward Oneness, Ease and Joy!

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