Life itself is energy, so if you have no energy, what does that say about your life?

Kathy Basel can help you and your organization engage with her body-&-mind approach for living inspired, fully charged and at peak performance.

If you are looking for a dynamic presentation full of vibrancy and energy, Kathy delivers.

She blends lessons from her days as a triathlon coach, a holistic wellness coach and as a natural energy expert to create a road map to solve one of the most pressing problems at work and at home — low energy and personal passion.

Her life’s work is to live and teach the practices and principals she now calls The Vitality Code, which are all about waking up and feeling great, being on purpose, creating community, being of service and experiencing joy every day.

Kathy is the walking embodiment of vitality and her talks, keynotes and workshops will inspire you and your team to:
Create life balance and endless energy by fueling yourself wholly in mind, body and soul
Develop a roadmap for how to move from the space of Survival and Burnout into the High Performance Zone.
Open to possibilities of greater ease, joy and personal expression as well.
Sample topics:
Stress, Overwhelm, Productivity and the Myth of Work-Life Balance
The Vitality Code: 5 Keys to Live Life Fully Charged and Totally Alive
5 Small Rituals to Thrive Every Day

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eWomen Network Radio Interview

Set Aside Everything You Know About Dieting

Gail Haun and Kathy Basel Ideal Health Partners invite you to set aside everything you know about dieting, calorie counting, deprivation, and exercise regimes. Instead, they show you how to reconnect to your inner vitality, joy, and health!

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Wellness Confab Summit

Stress, Overwhelm, Productivity and the Myth of Work-Life Balance

It’s an undeniable reality, 78% of Americans are experiencing a personal energy crisis at work. You don’t have to be one of them. Learn simple techniques you can do at home and at work to prime your pump for greater clarity, focus and performance throughout your day.

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GYOYL Mastermind Interview

How to Create Optimal Health for Greater Energy, Focus & Passion at Work & At Home
Simple keys to feel your best — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually — so you can focus more deeply, think more creatively, lead more effectively, and make better decisions.

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