13 Questions to Ask To Have the Best Midlife Ever {Menopause as a Rite of Passage}

I never knew World Menopause Day is a thing, but I was delighted to learn of it just today, October 18th — and it’s intention to shatter stigmas and elevate the conversation surrounding women’s health as they enter menopause.

While most of the conversations are geared toward the physical changes, I’d like to invite you to to shift your perspective and embrace menopause as a Soulful Awakening, a rite of passage into becoming your Wise Woman Self.

The Western Paradigm: Menopause as a “Problem”

In Western society, menopause often gets a bad rap. Described as the “change,” this period is often laden with negative connotations like hot flashes, mood swings, and more. But what if I told you this is a culturally-induced perception?

🌱 Reflect on this: Have you been conditioned to see menopause as a “problem” instead of a natural process?

Global Perspectives on Menopause: Sacred Transitions and Divine Feminine Essence

In many indigenous cultures, menopause isn’t about problem-solving but rather soul awakening. It’s regarded as a sacred rite of passage. In Japan, for example, menopause is seen as a period for renewal and regeneration. The Mayan culture believes this time is when women cross the threshold into wise womanhood, stepping into roles as healers and spiritual leaders.

🌿 Isn’t it fascinating that other cultures have such a soulful, empowering perspective? What could change if you adopted this mindset?

My Personal Journey: Finding Fire, Freedom, and Fulfillment

I decided to ditch the Western narrative and reframe menopause as a new genesis of my life. Taking embraced what psychotherapist Carl Jung called the Wise Woman archetype — and went on a quest to deepen my sense of embodiment, time with nature, compassion, and feminine wisdom.

My spiritual mentor, Barbara Marx Hubbard, called this “Regenopause,” so I embraced her ta time when our vital life energy is freed up for higher purposes—finding deeper meaning, connection, and bringing our gifts to the world.

🌸 Have you ever considered what attributes make you the unique, incredible woman you are today? What are they?

The Life Stage We Never Knew We Had: Living With Purpose, Vitality, and Joy

We now have an entire life stage, from ages 60 to 80, which wasn’t available to previous generations. This is an invitation to explore your limitless potential, to live with creativity, adventure, joy, and freedom.

💫 So, how will you choose to live this vibrant stage of your life?

13 Questions to Ignite Your Best Menopause Journey Ever

Feeling ready to dive in? I’ve crafted these questions to guide your self-reflection.

  1. What makes you feel fully alive?
  2. What past grievances can you finally resolve or forgive and just let go?
  3. What habits or beliefs are weighing you down?
  4. What people in your life are a drag to be around?
  5. Who are your wing-women for this next soulful stage who “get you” and will love and uplift you?
  6. What boundaries need re*evaluation?  How will you now choose to protect your valuable time?
  7. What is truly important to you?
  8. What attributes and values define you?  (Freedom, travel, creative expression, friendship, dance, fun, or ??)
  9. If you could impart your wisest words of wisdom into the world, what would it be?
  10. Who do you envision yourself being at 60, 70, 80?
  11. How will you continue to grow and evolve?
  12. How do you wish to be remembered?
  13. If you had just one year left to live, how would you spend that time and with whom?

This period of life beckons us to take a pause, to reassess, and to move forward with a grander vision. It’s a profound awakening for how to live well in body, mind, and soul.

🌈 Are you ready to embrace this beautiful transition and experience healing from past traumas, empowering transformations, and a life marked by purpose, vitality, and joy?

Feel inspired?  Let’s schedule a time to talk and explore this rite of passage and what it means in your own life.

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