Gems of Wisdom from Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation

We are not separate from the Universe. We are inseparably One.

If you don’t like the reflection in the mirror, it doesn’t help to crack the mirror.

Benefits of meditation = joy, creativity, better mood, allowance, deeper connection with others, peace, compassion, equinamity… unlearn the old program, the hypnosis of our society that keeps us in our doing-ness that blocks these aspects of ourselves from coming through..

With 100 million people BEing peace, we hope to reach a critical mass for peace.

It’s not what you do or what you say… it’s how you are BEing. Stop focusing on your human DOing. (my words, not his.)

They will post this on the internet, which is the visible manifestation of the akashic record. It’s like the Global Brain.

We are the world. When we change, the world changes. The world is always as we are. Like Mahatma Gandhi said, we can be the change.

You can’t share with the world those things you don’t have. You can’t share love until you experience love. You can’t share peace until you experience peace.

All emotions are contagious. If you want someone to be happy, be happy. Send them an emoticon. Sends a hit of dopamine.

Forget about teaching the children. We must SHOW them the way. They pick up if we are just telling them something and not living it ourselves. Don’t be a hypocrit. Let your children see for themselves without having to say anything because you are BEing peace.

Once you are inspired, you cannot return to the old mindset.

There is only one light, and that is the light of awareness, of consciousness.


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