Sugar is _____________________ [Fill in the blank]


A great source of energy

Getting a bad wrapSugar

BUT… sugar also is ________________________

An inflammatory food (and inflammation is linked to just about every disease known to man)

8 times more addictive than cocaine

Hidden in almost every food we eat

Driving up the average caloric intake of Americans and making us fat

When I did triathlon, we used sugars and carbs as quick-burn energy. The problem for the average American is that we are not moving and burning that much energy, so sugar turns to FAT. What’s worse is the addictive nature of sugar. Eat a little and you’ll want even more. And as the holidays are right around the corner, this can be a major detriment to our health, stress level and weight come New Years.

Now I happen to believe the diet industry is a little extreme always looking for a culprit to the over-weight issue, and sugar is getting a bad wrap. Sugar is not evil. And yet, “moderation” isn’t the key either. Balance is. If you burn more energy like an athlete might, then your daily allowance for sugar can be increased. Burn less, and you get to consume less.

My #1 suggestion to clients is to mindfully ENJOY your time with sugar. Savor it. Love it. En-joy!

The problem is that the food industry has hidden sugar in everything, so striking this balance is increasingly difficult. In fact, the average American is inadvertently consuming DOUBLE the amount of sugar than is recommended. (The World Health Organization recommends no more than 12 – 15 teaspoons per day, whereas on average we are consuming more than 30 grams!)

Here are two resources with practical tips on becoming your own sugar sleuth so you can cut back on sugar that is unknowingly sneaking into your diet:

And my last recommendation is to occasionally detox off sugar. Cold turkey. Reaching for sugar becomes a habit, and its addictive nature is now being proven in independent studies. The holidays with all the additional stress and over-indulgence are a particularly scary time, and I don’ t know about you but the 5 – 10 pound weight gain just doesn’t come off as easily as it once did.

So to help you skip the holiday weight gain, I am running a “Kick The Sugar Bug” 21-day program so you can lose your sugar cravings and enjoy Thanksgiving and the holidays while still eating healthy foods you love.

And I have a sweet offer for you – Register by Friday and you can bring a friend for F*R*E*E.

It starts Tuesday, so hop on board and we’ll kick the sugar cravings in time to enjoy pumpkin pie and all the fixin’s for Thanksgiving!

Live Well!

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