The “21 Days to Self-Love” Project

Love TreeLast year I had undertaken a 21 day journey to explore the concept of self-love. It was profoundly transformational to connect with myself with an unconditional allowance and acceptance like I’ve never experienced before. Here I Am a year later yearning to rekindle that feeling I had captured by the end of my three weeks sojourn.

Valentine’s Day is coming, the so-called celebration of love and I thought of all days what a perfect day to begin again nurturing that connection. In fact what a great tradition it would be to do this every year, a 21 day to self-love project launching on Valentine’s Day. And what better way to celebrate true love than by bringing others along! there will be seven or eight of us this year and I so look forward to sharing the personal fears, hopes and awarenesses that come along the journey.

I invite you too.

It’s been fun sitting down to read my posts from last years blog. The journey from the head to the heart is evident, and some of the passages and beautiful revelations towards the end of my journey are exactly the embodiment of love that my heart yearns for now. To know that somehow love is not a commodity “out there” as our society would have us to believe, but is the actual essence of who we are as individual expressions of the Divine Love. As One. Whole. Perfect. Unwavering. Absolute. Timeless.

And so as I embark on the 2015 “21 Days to Self-Love” project, I share a beautiful sentiment I wrote that at this moment seems somewhat unfamiliar and yet exactly what I am craving:

On this journey I’ve realized that coming to a place of greater self-love is less about building that muscle and developing something new, as it is about the releasing of the self-imposed impediments that block our innate self-love form emanating from the core of our being.

What must I release to embrace a greater sense of self-love?
Worry. Doubt. Fear. Not enough. No value. And everywhere I’ve disassociated parts of myself as a coping mechanism.

It’s only when we can become conscious of the habitual patterns of these thoughts that keep us in fear of the future yet to come, that we can dip into the glory of the present moment and we become mindful of our unique and sacred being.

What is left is a strong sense of self that is pure connection with the Source of all that is. Strength. Certainty. Value. A sense that all is well. Enough. This is personal mastery, the key to untold power, intelligence, and wisdom that becomes accessible to us, like magic.

And, just as the shining sun is not gone but simply obscured momentarily by passing clouds, our true, secure self is always right there, too, waiting for us to see ourselves more clearly, confident in our gifts and how to materialize our most cherished goals.

Self-love is the path to self mastery and personal power and that feels GREAT!

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