How do I have more energy than most?

It’s no secret. Anyone who knows me knows I have more energy than most, and my friends often say I am one of the most positive people they know.

So what is my secret?

There is one thing I know… that we are as much a part of nature as any thing else. A flower. A tree. An owl.

There is a vital life energy that pulses through all the Universe and probably beyond. There is infinite supply and an intelligence by which all things grow, bloom and prosper. It is there for us too, and it is a part of us. Each one of our 9 trillion cells is tapped in and turned on by this truth, each functioning as part of a miraculous whole to keep our hearts beating, our breath breathing and our brains ticking.TakeOutTheThings-PutInThoseThatDo

So where is the disconnect? Why is it so many people are walking around with a personal energy crisis? And what can you do to tap into the infinite energy all around us?

If there is one piece of advice I would give people it is simply this:
You are a vibrational being and a powerful co-creator of your life. If you want more energy, health and vitality in your life then you must simply create your days and weeks in a way brings greater balance to you and your body.

Take out the things that don’t support your health and put in the things that do.

Seems simple, right?

For everyone, including myself, we must begin by peeling off those things that zap our energy.

The #1 thing that weighs us down is the physical addiction to carbs and sugars. And yes, I literally mean addiction. Our minds are literally hijacked by these foods, keeping us from the mind-body connection that is essential for balanced well-being.

That’s why I developed my 21-Day clean eating protocol I playfully call “Kick the Sugar Bug” to help strip the toxic effects of too much processed sugars in our bodies so we can then reconnect in mind and body. In that program, we being the vital process of fueling our lives again, asking what brings you energy?

Certainly diet and exercise play a huge role in our levels of energy, yet we have many, many other dimensions to re-energize our selves. Music. Nature. Connecting with others. Self-care. Joyful movement. Petting the dog. Painting. Sniffing a fragrant flower. Gratitude. Playing. Helping others.

What are five things you can name right now that you enjoy to energize yourself?

If you know you are at a place where you would like more energy and vitality in your life again, if you are truly ready to be tapped in, turned on and ready to embrace life full on… I invite you to CLICK HERE to read more about the upcoming programs or to schedule a Vitality Discovery Session with Kathy.

Your life is waiting!

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