Why I am Fat

This was a super poignant post I saw today from business coaching super-star, Barbara Evans.  She is a multi-million dollar earner, so a lady who clearly knows how to work toward and achieve really big goals.  And up until now she has become a really big lady.

And then she made the decision. She was going to change all that.  Suzanne EvansShe got the information and the coaching support she needed, and started taking action, reflecting on how she got to be this way.

Check out this realization she shared:

Scientifically I am fat because I eat more calories than I burn.

Emotionally I am fat because I tend to use food to celebrate, mourn, and meditate.

Spiritually I am fat because I am certain I have some past life wound to heal (please don’t email me and tell me what you think it is)

All of the above are true.

I am not fat because….

I don’t understand nutrition.

I don’t understand the basics of losing weight and being healthy.

I am not fat because I eat junk or lay in bed all day playing video games.

All of this is true and yet none of it matters.

The real reason I am fat is because it hasn’t been a priority to not be fat. It simply didn’t matter to me. I am healthy (by the blood work and doc…and yes I get it catches up with you – no emails on that either). I haven’t had a huge motivation to be thin. I like myself. I have a great business and a great life.

Being fat has just been whatever for me. I wouldn’t mind being thin but I didn’t want to work for it. Why? Not because I’m lazy, but because it didn’t hold importance for me.


And it’s the same reason your business is struggling… it’s not a priority to you. You haven’t made the decision to have your business work.

You would really LOVE:


But other stuff is more important. All kinds of other stuff. The desire is there, but no decision. And so your results will look just like me:

You’ll be something you don’t really want to be but you have learned to live with because it’s “fine”. It’s ok. It’s enough. You can’t have everything.

Well I know better and so do you.

Fine is second place.
“OK” is mediocre
And you can have everything you are willing to DECIDE to have it.

So, I decided to do things different. And it’s been an enormous amount of pressure because I have a public life. People follow me on facebook, online, and in my town. But when I DECIDE- I DECIDE. I started getting healthy. I made every decision needed to live a healthier life and guess what?

I am LESS fat and more healthy now.
1) I got coaching
2) I went to events about the topic
3) I made a plan
4) I followed the plan
5) I decided everyday to be consistent.

You haven’t made the decisions you need to make in your business. Sorry. It’s just the flat out truth. And until you do- you will be exactly who you are and what you are today. Never better…only slipping further down. A mentor years ago taught me we are either growing or dying in business. And right now you are doing the latter if you are not deciding everyday to do the four things above.


I was so moved by this, I’ve decided to offer a FREE Vitality Discovery Session to anyone who is ready to make the shift >> to put their health and vitality as a priority in their lives.  Simply email me at kathy@thevitalitycode.com

Speed happens at the speed of choice.   Are you ready to choose?

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