4 Money Beliefs that Limit Your Wealth… and Health

I have a practice of spending 20 minutes a day either reading from a book to expand my knowledge or watching something inspirational on the internet. Today I stumbled upon an interview with two of my favorite path blazing women – business dynamo Marie Forleo and spiritual money expert Kate Northrup.

I love Kate. Light and sprite with wise words on how to shift into loving (and accepting) more money and abundance into our lives. I was struck by how her 4 Money Beliefs are just as applicable for wealth as it is for health.

Check ‘em out…Kate Northrup-MarieForleo

1. We take our financial power and give it to someone else.
“Here, you just do this for me.” That is symptomatic of us not feeling like were not enough to do it. We wait. We never turn on our full potential, hoping someone else is going to step up and handle it for us.

2. We tell ourselves “I’m not good with money”.
Babies come here into the world with no skills. We all learn the skills we have. Our beliefs are driving our actions and our actions create our results. When we think negative thoughts, it sets us up for failure and then we fear taking steps. Instead take really small actions to start to build your confidence. One of Kate’s first steps was to just start checking her bank balance daily and being thankful for the ways her life was abundant already. By nurturing the relationship, she became better and better with money because she was paying attention to it. By buying into negative beliefs like “I’m not good with money” it is like putting on blinders to it. Rewire and train your brain to associate looking at your money with feeling good.

3. Money is a stand-in for what we value.
Sometimes we judge other people for having the financial abundance we want. We tell ourselves it came easily for them or that they did dishonest things to get it. By judging others we limit our own ability to have it too. Don’t make assumptions and compare yourself to others. You have your own path to hoe.

4. I’m not ___________ enough.
Smart, talented, from the right background. If we are not seeing our worth, money is not going to show up the way you want it to. No one will value you more than you value yourself. The solution to just about anything in life is this whole self-love thing. Try this as a practice: At night, write down 3 things you value about yourself and 3 things you did that added value to other people’s lives. It builds a muscle so that we begin to value ourselves and to look for ways that we can add value to others. Celebrate yourself!

Now, back to Kathy…

Change your beliefs and you will change the way your life is showing up. I guarantee it. This is a great tune-up for your money beliefs. If it’s your health (or your relationships) you want to see show up differently, then go back and read this dropping in the word “body” for “money” – these are the results of your thoughts and actions.

Start the shift right now and email me at kathy@thevitalitycode.com with this:

What is one money (or body) belief that has been holding you back?
What is one action you can take that demonstrates you are ready for a new belief?

And take them up on the Challenge… do Kate’s exercise for 21 Days — 3 things you value about yourself and 3 things you did that added value to others. And let me know what shifted for you!

(If you want to see their interview, you can see it here >>
… and I highly recommend Kate’s book “Money: A Love Affair”)

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