Is Sugar Keeping You from Connecting to the Universe

The cat is out of the bag. When it comes to the number one detriment to your health and vibrant energy, it’s sugar.

Sugar slows one’s engine. Just like if you were to pour a pound of sugar into your car’s engine, it would stutter a bit. Add another pound, and another, and another, and eventually it would grind to a halt.

This is your body on sugar.  SugarBug FB Ad-Picture jpg

While we commonly think in terms of sugar and its effect on our bodies and our ability to think clearly, I believe so too it affects our ability to hear and follow our soul’s calling. Our physiology (body) and our psychology (thoughts) are inextricably linked.

Let’s do a quick test of this theory. Stand up and on the count of three we are going to shout “I love life,” and on three throw your arms up and shout “NO!” Are you ready? Here we go. 1… 2… 3… “I love life!” “NO!”

How does that feel in your body? There’s a certain disconnect, right?

The low vibration of your thoughts and words comes crashing against the misalignment of your body’s joyous jubilation. And so it is. It is out of alignment to try to practice high-vibing thoughts or tap into the infinite possibilities of the universe when you’re running around in a low vibrating body.

Don’t get me wrong, sugar is not completely evil. Don’t jump off the bandwagon and never have sugar again. Our brains actually run on sugar. It is the over-abundance of sugar — that pound after pound after pound that we are ingesting year after year — that is bringing us out of vibration. Much of that is due to the sugar hidden in our food supplies these days. Did you know: 74% of the foods on our grocery shelves have some form of added sugar?

What I suggest for those seeking high vibrations and tapping into the universe more fully is eating clean, live foods that have their own vital life energy. It’s our way of tapping into the power of nature and the sun and all things wild and free. Our bodies are amazingly resilient, they are ready to heal! They truly want to be kicking their heels up in the park, at one with the energy that is all around us all the time.

The addiction to sugar can be kicked in as little as three days using a simple protocol I teach. And it is as simple as taking out those things that don’t help us to vibe high, and replacing them with things that do.

I’ll bet you already have a good idea where to start. Let me show you.

Grab a quick sheet of paper and on the left write ten things you know you are doing that do not contribute to your health. On the right, list ten things that you could begin to do (or do more of) that are a contribution to your health.

The journey to the land of vibin’ high begins with these small steps. Which could you choose to begin today?

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