Are You Ready to Create Ease and Joy with Your Body?

DC 050How often in this world do you find yourself suffering from “MTH syndrome” – make things happen syndrome — pushing through at all costs and dragging your body along for the ride? Poor body!

If you were in a relationship with someone who never listened or appreciated you, would you stick around? Perhaps not.

So what’s a body to do? What if the body is signaling us to slow down and giving us symptoms in the only language it knows – in the form of aches and pains, allergies and premature aging, and (if we’re still not listening) full blown dis-ease?

Have you ever asked your body what it requires, what it desires to eat or to wear, how it would like to move, how it would like to be touched and by whom? Are you attentive to it and listening to the signals it sends you constantly?

It may seem daunting to turn this relationship with your body around, but I have great news. Your body is like a dog; it never holds a grudge and will come running back at the first knowing that it’s about to receive a pat on the head or a Scooby snack.

So where to begin?

Like with any good relationship, it can be nurtured with communication, appreciation and FUN.

Here are four simple practices you can do daily to become more present in your life and create ease and joy with your body:
1) Create a 60-second judgment-free zone with your body.
We tend to mis-identify that we are our bodies when actually our bodies are simply mirroring our inner chaos. When our bodies show up broken with aches and pains and other various signals, we tend to judge them. This only creates further separation from them.

Try this instead – a practice to reconnect and it takes less than 60 seconds. Put your hands on your face, close your eyes, take a deep breath, feel your face in your hands and your hands touching your face. Exhale. Thank your body for being with you and for all it does for you all day, every day. Repeat with another four or five deep breaths, with each one deepening the connection and appreciation for your body. Receive it fully and allow it to communicate with you anything it desires.

2) When eating, ask your body what it really requires.
Often we’ll turn to food to fill a hunger that is not physical. Before you take that first bite, ask your body what are you truly hungry for? Is it food, water, movement, energy or something else… and how much would you like? If it’s food our bodies require, oftentimes as little as three bites will satiate our physical desire. Try it. The taste of the food will change when your body has had enough.

What would change if you asked your body questions like who am I eating this for? Is this truly a physical hunger or something else? Is the hunger even mine or am I picking up on someone else’s hunger or discomfort?

3) Do something nurturing or fun for your body.
Ask your body now, what it is you crave next? Is it time to connect with nature? Losing yourself in a cup of tea? Giving someone a hug for no reason? Getting energized by applying a touch of citrusy smelling body lotion on your hands and sniffing fully? Wearing your best diamonds, just because?

4) Start a love affair with your self and your body.
Here a mantra I wrote to share with my clients to help them turn their relationships with their bodies around. Use this daily (you can get a free printable version of it here)… or create your own. But start today. Love your body. Love yourself.

The Vitality Code “I Love My Body” Mantra

I am choosing to love myself in body, mind & spirit.

I was born whole and healthy and am taking steps every day in that direction.

I engage in self-care.

I honor my body with only those things that nourish my cells and make it happy.

I honor my mind and spirit with uplifting thoughts and set aside self-judgment.

I honor my feelings and ask my body what it needs.

My body loves that, and I love my body.

I am experiencing greater ease, joy & fun.

In this moment now, I feel empowered & am

grateful to be on this journey to self-mastery & freedom!

Lucky me!

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