Right Relationship For You?

I am thrilled to welcome world facilitator and executive creator of Right Relationship for You — Ms. Susan Lazar Hart — to Denver January 16 & 17th 2016.

What is New Beginnings: Right Relationship For You all about?SLH_FB_01_Colorado

This dynamic class from Access Consciousness is all about lowering the barriers around everything we’ve thought “relationships” to be…

It’s about softening and opening the way we relate to ourselves and every possible relationship we have — with our bodies, our livelihoods, our families, our love relationships…

It’s the foundation of our relationship of who we are in the world and how we interact with it. It’s how we CREATE our world.

If you became kinder and gentler with yourself, how would that change your current relationships? And what space would that create for more to show up in new relationships?

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently in a relationship or not, this class will give you a different sense of who you are, along with a toolbox of new perspectives, processes and clearings you can take home and use for the rest of your life.

Tools you can use with your spouse, children, parents, co-workers… tools you can use in any relationship.

What if you were free to create a relationship, not based on what we’ve been taught is the “ideal relationship” but based on what really works for YOU?

New Beginnings gives you a different sense of what else really is possible in relationship.

New Beginnings also gives you a sense of community with a group of like-minded people who are with you on the road to discovery.

New Beginnings offers you something totally new. Just for you.

For more information and to register go tto: http://rightrelationshipforyou.com


Susan is transforming the way people view relationships, intimacy and themselves. As the Executive Creator of Right Relationship for You™, she’s continuously finding new possibilities to empower people in relationship to everyone and everything. She travels the world offering Right Relationship™ classes and training her global network of Right Relationship For You™ facilitators.

Susan has appeared on many international radio shows and telesummits. She also hosts an online radio show, Heart2Hart at BlogTalkRadio.com with her daughter Kelsey where they introduce tools for relationship transformation via their warm and playful mother-daughter discussions.

Susan is a licensed Access Consciousness® Facilitator and an Access 3-Day Body Facilitator. Affectionately called “laser” Hart by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, Susan swiftly yet elegantly facilitates people to greater choice and possibilities in all areas of life. She holds professional and personal coaching certification (PPCC) from Concordia University, Montreal and has trained in the Fine Arts (BFA and MFA) at Vermont College at Norwich University and Concordia Universities in Canada.

When she is not traveling, Susan resides in Montreal, Canada. She has been successfully married for over 35 years and has 4 adult children and one amazing grand baby.
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