The “21 Days to Self-Love” Project 2015: Day 1

I feel I start with two strikes against me. As a Capricorn it’s in my DNA to be in control, on stable ground, and building for my future. In this society too, we have been taught to be strong and independent, capable of “figuring out” any problem that lie ahead and get to the “right” answer.

And yet my knowing tells me we are in an age of change; Capricornit’s in our highest interest to set aside our controlling ways and learn to slip into a space of allowance…now. There’s an important distinction between seeking to know and seeking to learn. I realize I’ve fallen into the way of our society of seeking to know. I have been coming from a place of information gathering as if the answers are somehow outside of myself. Our judgment of ourselves as good or successful or worthy are lead us to misidentify with the outcome of our doing-ness.

Seeking to learn actually allows us to surrender to a higher source of guidance and being open to being directed by the life force that comes through us. It is a grace that comes only when we set ego aside, allow ourselves to slip into surrender that it’s okay not to know the outcome, and a profound confidence knowing that regardless of how it shows up, all is well.

How is it that were so attached to the outcome that we control our very desire out of being?

That is my intention with this year’s “21 Days to Self-Love” project — to rekindle again the profound sense I attained during last year’s practice — a space of inner peace, Power, confidence, and resounding knowing that all is well. It is time to let go of control, again.

There’s something profound that’s calling to be birthed through me, and it’s only through this process that it can come to be.

And I love this process because I know it’s as simple as setting the intention to bathe every cell of my being with self-love, and the way will be shown. It’s as if our guardian angels are sitting up there, simply waiting for us to ask. They haven’t acted before now because they honored our free will and it has been us who up until now haven’t benn open to receive.

So I am asking now, what would it take to be in the vibration of complete and utter self love that allows me to connect to the higher good seeking to be expressed through me now?

What must I release in order to allow this to flow?

Whoa, that answer comes easily. I stand in my own way with the judgment that I am “less than” because my outer world is not showing the outcomes and success that I am trying to control into being.  I am not my outcomes or my current circumstances.  What if I just am?

I am.

And I am ready to let it be.

Does it really always come back to the Beatles? There will be an answer! Let it be!


Whisper words Beatles


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