Journey from Financial Flatline to Financial Flow?

Tuesday, April 28.

Kiefer and I are in the park for our walks to commune with nature pretty much every day at 6:30 or 7 am. As I have for the past few months, I donned three layers of clothes to walk in the crisp early air — shirt, a fleece and a windbreaker along with some gloves.  I stepped out and it’s as if Spring arrived today. Not yesterday, but today with a 55 degree morn that felt much warmer.  I walked toward the park, realizing I could drop the gloves I turned back to the house.  I headed out again and realized I could take off the fleece, so back to the house a second time.  It made me chuckle to myself, in how many ways are we choosing from habitual ways of thinking and being that just are no longer appropriate?

This became my theme for today’s contemplation.  How many habitual ways of being am I operating from in my financial life and in the way I show up to generate my business am I using?  Are there limiting patterns that are now outdated that I could update and move more fluidly forward? 95% of these are going to be the mindset aspects of how I perceive, know and receive myself in these areas.

Am I seeing myself as confident, capable and strong as I step out into the world?

Am I buying in to the historic programming of being unworthy, and thus needing to struggle and strive to prove my worth to what might be considered a doubting universe?

Are there patterned roles, that as I define them, actually become a matrix of limitation that keep me from seeing possibilities available to me now if only I had a fresher perspective?

Or, am I able to just able to feel the current weather and decide if that is still appropriate for where I am heading next?

Can I come to an awareness of what’s required now, and step boldly forward?

Can I upgrade to new perspectives that allow me to grow, expand and evolve even amidst the external angst that is everywhere today amidst the lockdown?  and is this the exact contrast I needed to see that it’s time for that upgrade.

It’s only an awareness and a new choice away.

Today I choose to value my gifts, ask for higher guidance on how best to give them in service to others, and to know I am worthy of receiving great things in return. Respect, referrals, money!   There is no part of myself that I need to hide or embellish to avail myself of this flow. The days of hiding the shameful bits have passed. The weather now is asking for bright, sun-shiny days with nothing to hide, nothing to hold together, and nothing to fix.

Love is the key, turning first to myself to love and acknowledge the amazing woman and healer I am today, not in spite of my past but because of it. And turning that lens of Love towards others, as we share this same path back to self-love, empowerment and actualization.  Onward ho!


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  1. October 3, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    I love this so much! Thank you!!