Good news, beautiful human!

We are bathing in powerful cosmic energy RIGHT NOW.

You see, every year around the eighth month, and the eight day — on 8/8, we enter the astrological phenomenon known as the Lion’s Gate Portal.

It’s a time when the Central Sun Sirius, the Orion constellation, and the magnificent Pyramids of Giza all align in a powerful trinity.

Simply put, the stars are aligning, bringing in an infusion of higher-vibrating sparks of possibility and a chance for you to take a QUANTUM LEAP in your life.

Change is a’comin’… and if you’re tied to the past then this time may look more like a breakdown than a breakthrough. You get to choose. Which would you prefer? 

To help you navigate these POWERFUL energetic times, I’ve got two things to share with you.


Tonight is best. But make sure you do it by 8/12 of this week.

You will first, pick from the list of contemplations that Ralphie (my guides) say you may want to embrace and understand as you do the meditation.  ALL of my clients right now are struggling with one or several of these.

And then, find yourself a bit of sacred time to walk through the 5-Phase Meditation Practice and get ready to elevate and activate the limitless wave of possibility that’s available especially right now.


Please let me know how it goes!



  • Your creative potential is within, not without. Everything you need is within you now (and always has been.)
  • Massive shift is upon us. Trust and faith as your inner guidance is more important than ever. Deepen it!
  • Logic can’t take us where we’re going. Cultivate your inner knowing and know sometimes your divine right path seems crazy and perhaps irrational. Take the leap!
  • Shift only can happen when you release old fixed attachments to what we’ve known and who we’ve known ourselves to be, up until now.
  • Our normal operating procedure got us here, but it won’t get us to where we want to go. Elevate yourself, elevate your world.
  • Embrace change. Your willingness to find comfort in the discomfort paves the way for a quantum leap in all you desire.
  • You’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.  (Thank you Glinda!)



  1. Cleanse Your Energy: Start by finding a quiet spot. Close your eyes and take a moment to listen to the rhythm of your breath. Center your focus on your heart, pushing aside the day’s dramas, distractions, other people’s energies. This is YOUR sacred time.
  2. Visualize the Cosmic Light: Picture a BIG brilliant beam of white light originating from the Central Sun Sirius. As you’re surrounded by its Light, feel it cleanse and rejuvenate, transmuting all the burdens of your past. It’s time to let go the old narrative, freeing you to move forward. Breathe deeply and invite Love, Wisdom, and Joy to take residence within you.
  3. Activate Your Energy Centers: Surrender to relaxation as this luminous energy awakens every chakra. Take a full minute with each one, illuminating and clarifying your Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral center, and finally, the Root. Embrace the wisdom it offers.
  4. Awaken Your Divine Feminine: Let the light’s power amplify your innate wisdom, confidence, and creativity of your innate divine feminine. The world needs your most authentic light to shine!
  5. Set Your Intention: In this heightened state, see your dreams as if they’re your current reality. Feel the emotions they stir within, and trust in their imminent manifestation. Whisper a heartfelt ‘Thank You’, knowing your dreams are set into motion.  IT’S HAPPENING!

After this transformative meditation, journal to capture your experiences and insights…. and email me to let me know!

With The Vitality Code, anything is possible. Embrace this cosmic gift, and let’s journey together into a world of limitless potential.

Shine bright, dear soul.

💗 Kathy

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