Seize the Super Blue Moon: 7 Spiritual Aspects & Powerful Affirmations 💫

Here’s a quick factoid for ya —  There won’t be another blue supermoon until 2037!

The full moon tonight/tomorrow is both a super moon, meaning it is extra close to the Earth and will appear dramatically large as it rises — and it’s a blue moon meaning it’s the second full moon in one calendar month.

This presents an extra special invitation for you to sit with the energies of alchemy and transformation.

This blue moon opens the path to explore the hidden layers of our lives — what might be considered our darker side, emotions such as shame, grief, anger, depression, disconnection… and the many things that may have been triggered in order to release them.

It’s interesting that our society tends to hide or suppress these darker emotions.

Those blind spots can be a magical catalyst for new manifestation, the very things our souls desire! If we fear the darkness and hide it away, we miss out on that potential.

Tonight is the perfect time to reflect of all the challenges you’ve faced recently. Get clear on your intentions. Allow the high-vibe energies of this super blue moon to infuse your dreams with possibility. Expect instant manifestation.

To help you embrace the magic, I’ve created two resources for you —
1) 7 Spiritual Aspects of the Super Blue Moon — completed with introspective questions

2) A powerful affirmation to use

Take a moment to step outside to drink in that amazing moonlight. Perhaps do a burning bowl ceremony. Call in the feeling of wholeness as you release the old. Allow yourself to be renewed with eagerness for all the goodness that is now flowing your way. You deserve it!

oh, and if you’re in the Denver Area, join me for a Super Blue Moon Sister Circle & Hike at Green Mountain Thursday, 8/31 at 7 pm MT.


7 Spiritual Aspects of the Super Blue Moon

  1. Rarity

They don’t say “once-in-a-blue moon” for nothing! The rarity of a blue moon symbolizes the importance of seizing unique opportunities and embracing once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

🌕 Empowering Question: If you’re honest with yourself, what rare opportunity is before you now that you been hesitant to seize and what’s one step you could take right now to begin moving toward it?

  1. Transformation

The blue moon is associated with transformation — letting go of old patterns and embracing change and becoming the Future You who is having it all.

🌕 Empowering Question: When I think of my life fully actualized as my Future Self, what old patterns, habits or ways of being are holding me back now that I can let go of today?

  1. Intuition

As a symbol of wisdom and intuition, the blue moon encourages us to move beyond our doubt and trust inner voice that knows what’s right for us.

🌕 Empowering Question: If I truly listen, what is my inner wise woman voice telling me and have I been taking action on what it is directing me to?

  1. Emotional Healing

The blue moon is believed to possess healing energies that can help you confront and release deep-rooted emotional issues

🌕 Empowering Question: What emotional wounds do I have that have yet to be fully healed, and what would it take to heal those so I can move forward starting now?

  1. Spiritual Renewal

The blue moon signifies a time of spiritual renewal, inviting us to reevaluate our beliefs and deepen our connection to our feminine divine.

🌕 Empowering Question: How can I align with what my soul is truly calling for right now, and what beliefs or practices might need revisiting or deepening?

  1. Manifestation

The powerful energies of a blue moon are considered to amplify the potential for manifestation, making it an ideal time to set intentions and focus on our desires.

🌕 Empowering Question: What are my deepest desires, and how can I use the energy of the blue moon to set powerful intentions for manifesting them?

  1. Psychic Abilities

The blue moon is thought to enhance psychic abilities, providing an opportunity for you to explore and develop their intuition and spiritual gifts.

🌕 Empowering Question: How can I tap into my psychic or intuitive abilities during this blue moon, and what practices could you incorporate to develop them further?

Blue Moon Affirmation – Limitless Woman Rising

I honor this time to release what no longer serves me and to replenish my wholeness.

I surrender all fears and doubts, and feel them flow from me and my body effortlessly.

In this space I open to receive guidance to all that is in my highest good.

I allow the natural abundance of life to flow through me freely.

My spirit lifts in gratitude for all I have and for all that is on its way to me.

I am a limitless woman rising.

And so it is!

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