Does Paying for Traditional Health Insurance Make no Sense to You?

If you’re like me, I’m lucky enough to never have to go to the doctor.  And if I do have something troubling me, I’ll go an alternative healer that isn’t covered on any health insurance plan I’ve ever seen.

And, although I’ve gone for extended amounts of time without any health insurance at all, it’s truly dangerous should something come up.

Through the good people at the Evolution of Medicine, I’ve learned of a new option for healthy people who are looking for affordable coverage.  It’s the concept of health sharing.

I like how they call it — Happy-family-on-their-bike-at-slider_V2.jpg

Healthcare for the Health Conscious

“Our members choose healthy lifestyles, which keeps costs lower and improves the health of the community.”

Health cost sharing was started by Christian organizations who follow community consciousness to take care of their brothers.  It is not insurance, but rather a cost-sharing program among like-minded people who value taking charge of their own healthcare choices.

The cost can be significantly lower than traditional healthcare, but be sure to know the difference in how costs are covered.

You can find out more here:


I have to say, I’ll be exploring this option for myself along with an accident policy to cover costs should I break a bone mountain biking or the like.

What have you found to be affordable for health care options?


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