What’s Bubbling Up for You?

It’s exciting. Something is bubbling up, lying in wait to be expressed and it’s not to be sidelined any longer.  The entities that are the wind beneath and throughout my business are saying it’s time to step up, play larger, express your uniqueness from your soul.

My mind asks how, and stifles the magical suggestions and promptings about me every where.

I took quiet solace this morning to write and journal and jot, hoping to tickle the essence of whatever it is into some type of clarity. For even I know not what is seeking to be expressed. It’s time to surrender to a truth I’ve always known and never recognized.

Again, the brain chimes in to tally up and figure out. I battle back and journal on.

Breaktime for movement and allow spaciousness to re-enter my body and mind, a walk along the river whispering of flow and possibilities that lie just downstream if only I will trust and let go.

Returning home and the words are not flowing still.  I reach for a book by someone who is a sage with words, Tama Kieves, This Time I Dance, and her soul speak that always kicks up my life’s wanderlust.  Each page is a delicious retreat, an affirmation of what my heart has been telling me is so crazy and so possible.

Let me share just one paragraph and I hope it’s as luscious to you as my heart found it to be for me:

While we say no to the wild love inside us, we live in the dim universe of self-negation. It’s hard to see the possibilities when we’ve said no to our own illumination. 

Yet doing work you love is the dizzying path of saying yes to yourself and yes to a brilliant, hidden self you do not yet know.  Yes, I will step inside the tingling territory that beckons me from beyond. Yes, I will dare to become more than I ever dreamed by saying yes to the dreams that tug at me like spirit children… It’s not about changing job descriptions in the known world.

It’s about changing what we know.

Something in us longs for the impossible because we know it’s possible.

 I’m realizing that the “code” behind The Vitality Code is for us to take this tingling journey to awaken the calling of our hearts. Listen to your soul speak, re*imagine the body as trusted co-pilot through this life, and the dis*ease that we’ve created as significant and real will melt away.  We are more than our bodies and only by feeding our souls will we truly come alive and live well.

More soon…



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