Vitality Code LIVE! Dr. Bill Bergman, The {Real} Cause of All Chronic Disease

It’s only appropriate that I launch The Vitality Code LIVE! interview series with the good doctor who got me started on this path to share the message of prevention and holistic health with others.  It’s an interesting story because I was looking to try out a women’s networking in town but when I looked at their schedule the next speaker was going to be Dr. Bergman speaking on Breast Cancer.

Back then I was already conscious that our thoughts and what we fill our minds with is what we create our lives to be, so I decided to wait until the following month to go.  Serendipitously, three people invited me to attend that very networking so I went, and low and behold the Doctor spoke all about cellular health and the simple steps that we can do to keep our bodies tuned up and running well so we never have to encounter cancer or other other chronic diseases that are showing up in epidemic proportions these days.

So please enjoy meeting my mentor, Bill Bergman MD.  He delightfully shares his take on inflammation these days, but takes it further with how our body becomes inflamed in the first place.  And he shares his best tips —

After the episode, I received this great question from Tammy — I don’t have bloating or gas, could I possibly have leaky gut and not know it?

The answer is YES! That’s the goofy part about leaky gut. The disorder limits the effectiveness of your gut to do its job (malabsorption) but the symptoms can be anything from skin issues (excema, acne, etc), low energy, brain fog, food sensitivities, any autoimmune disease — and there are many (arthritis is a biggie and the mysterious Hashimoto’s), depression, autism, whacky hormonal balance, and the poor thyroid that gets blamed so much. These days it’s not WHETHER you have inflammation in your body or not, it’s to what degree.

Dr. Bergman is now offering advanced testing that can show much earlier on how much inflammation is sneaking into the body.  It starts with a conversation to learn more. Schedule a consultation with him at


More About Dr. Bergman

Bill Bergman, M.D. is a physician and educator in the fast-growing field of functional and integrative medicine, focusing on a comprehensive approach to wellness community and population health.

Dr. Bergman’s medical education began as a Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Amherst College in 1966. He went on to Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons as a member of the International Fellows Program at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs and a Edward John Noble Foundation Fellowship recipient. Dr. Bergman completed his post-graduate training at Denver General Hospital in 1971, where he first began researching preventive healthcare and methods for reducing the risk of serious disease.

He is a passionate public educator and advocate for an integrated approach to creating a wellness community.

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