Vitality Code LIVE! Gail Haun – The {Real} Source of All Healing

Are you sick, tired, no energy? Then it’s essentially that you are cutting yourself off from the energy that is all the Universe. Like a drop of water in the ocean, you are part of that whole.

Energy is the foundation to health and wellness. It’s the key to living a vibrant life, a happy life, a peaceful life. It’s available all the time. It’s your birthright.

What a beautiful sentiment that opened up the Vitality Code LIVE interview with Gail Haun, RN, MS, MCC, CCM. Gail’s career spans 30 years in healthcare and healing with an emphasis now on mind-body healing. Stress the underpinning of most diseases and health breakdowns… blockages of energy in your organs and, as she shared, our issues are in our tissues. Rather than looking for the source outside of ourselves or simply masking the symptoms of a disease or pain, we need to tap into that inner source of all healing, through balance and openness in body, mind and soul.

She had these 7 tips to share with us:

1. Energy is around us abundantly all the time. If you are experiencing less than you would like, you’ll want to explore how the physical nourishments of nutrition, movement and sleep can help… but for real healing you need to go within and remove the block from the connection in body, mind and spirit.

2. Learn from your body where your life is out of balance. Take a breath an assess your own body. Where do you feel blockages? What is your ache & pain telling you? Stay curious, with no judgement. (not always easy to do!)

3. Shift your focus. Rather than coming from the premise that you’re broken and there’s something to fix, consider that you are already whole, and healing is simply a matter of finding the blockages you’ve created to that health and wholeness.

4. Energy and emotions are intended to be E-motion – energy in motion. Consider exploring techniques for energy movement like visualization, intentional movement, and sound healing to open up your energy flows to activate your body’s innate ability to heal. Qi-gong is an ancient energy system that combines all three.

5. Create your own personalized plan for health and wellness. Everyone is different with unique challenges and blocks.

6. Healing is change. Just as life is continually evolving, we want to stay in a space of flow, be willing to ask yourself what must I give up now to open up again?

7. Create this as a new daily process. You don’t do emotional healing once and call it good. Just like brushing your teeth, you’ll want to floss your emotional and energetic blocks every day and open your energy fields. Consistent daily practices and rituals in your life will help you to stay vibrantly healthy and alive.

Ultimately, as Gail tells us, it’s a choice. Will you put yourself and your health as a priority? It may mean letting go of things that are hard and replacing old patterns of thought with new ones. And in some cases it’s about finding simple truths, knowing that small changes can pay off big dividends in your health. You can become well and stay well, way into your hundreds if you live simply and tap into the source of all healing, balance and love.


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