Vitality Code LIVE! Sharon Shores – Release Decades of Trapped Emotions & Pain with this Simple Technique

This week’s Vitality Code LIVE! is with Sharon Shores who will be sharing the magical healing process of the Emotion Code. The trapped emotions you’ve been carrying around for DECADES — whether knowingly or unknowingly — can be what’s truly keeping your body from the optimal health you desire and deserve.

This simple process can release them in as little as 10 Minutes, and has become part of my regular practice.

It’s time to stop being stuck in fear, pain, anxiety, depression, and self-sabotage so you can have the business and life you want?

The Emotion Code is a simple yet powerful way to rid yourself of trapped energies in your body that may have resulted from emotional wounds or traumas years or even decades ago. Oftentimes we are unaware of these trapped emotions and the effects they are having on our lives.

They might be creating physical discomfort, chronic pain or disease. Trapped emotions can also create a dramatic effect on how you think, the choices you make, and how successful you will be. They may also be causing a protection around your heart called a heart wall that may block you from giving and receiving love freely.


Seven Tips from Sharon Shores, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

1.      Remember it’s just not about emotions! Think in terms of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.   From the holistic perspective be sure you are considering your food, friends and your spiritual practices.

 2.      Get a grip on your thinking!  The mind can be like a hamster on a hamster wheel. Control your thoughts.

 3.      Be aware of what you are experiencing and honor it.  Notice where you might be feeling anxiety, fear or other emotions.

 4.      Meditate-even if you start with 1-2 minutes daily then increase to 2 to 2 times a day. Put aside the idea you have to be a guru and meditate for hours.

 5.      IF you have been given a diagnosis—do not make the statement  “I am a___________” (diabetic) or “ I have ______________”.  Our cells here our messages! 

 6.      Positively  Process –Positively process those emotions you become aware of.  Positive ways to process:  Physical activity, meditation, journaling, going for a walk/hike. 

 7.      IF you are feeling depressed, tired, down in the dumps—INTENTIONALLY change your energy. Get up and move, dance, sing—again your body is listening—your cells are listening!


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