Are Emotions the Precursor to All Stress, Dis-Ease & Pain

Science is now showing how emotions affect the physiology of the human body and also hold in place the thoughts and beliefs that drive our actions.  In other words, if you’ve been struggling to create better eating habits or break through self-perceptions of self-doubt or unworthiness and yet you just can’t seem to do so on a consistent basis, it may be that emotions trapped for years or even decades may be at the core of it all.

There’s a wealth of information in this short, 4-Minute trailer to the movie called E-Motion which features some of my favorite mind-body & spirituality experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neal Donald Walsh, Bradley Nelson and Sonia Choquette and others.  Hear their perspectives on why releasing trapped emotions may be the key to give us to greater freedom in our bodies and in our lives.



As a holistic health coach, energy healer and life coach I start all my work with clients with the Emotion Code because old trapped emotions and negative mental tapes are the #1 block to having what you truly want from life — vibrant health, truly loving relationships and abundance in all areas of your life. What I love about the Emotion Code is that the transformation is quick, easy and permanent! If you’ve ever judged yourself, felt unworthy, unloveable or just not “enough”, I invite you to a complimentary session to experience this rapid release yourself. We’ll release your top 3 trapped emotions and explore how to open your Heart Wall to greater EASE & JOY again. I am available worldwide via phone, skype or zoom, because healing energy has no borders.

I also have a special heart space for working with our furry friends. In fact it was because of my sister’s cat who had been peeing outside the litter box for years, who I was able to help in just one session — that made a believer out of me just how powerful this work can be!

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What types of conditions can the Emotional Release Technique help with?

Physical conditions such as allergies, anger, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, digestive problems, headaches, migraines, back pain, generalized pain, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain, sleep, weight loss.

Mental/Emotional conditions like fear, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, phobias, low self esteem, abandonment, sadness, grief

Behavioral conditions like a blocked heart wall & lack of vulnerability and intimacy, procrastination, lack of creativity or confidence


My vision around all this and why I am called to do this work is to help people release the blocks that keep us from our highest place of well-being, so we can rise to higher consciousness and truly live the life we are meant to live!  We are so lucky to be living now, in a time of quickening when we can release and heal so easily.  2018 is the year of consciousness, a time to step up and answer your life’s higher calling too.  It’s there for each and every one of us!  It’s our time.

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